Strategic Objectives

Develop and implement an effective marketing strategy

  • Develop an internal communication strategy

Placement of students in relevant study directions, labour market.

  • Offer career guidance, and counselling to students.
  • Establish tracer study program
  • Practical exposure for students (Educational tours, etc.)
  • Establish information centres for learners and community.
  • Establish practical training for previous students
  • Maintain student financial aid
  • Promote sports and culture

Effective management of sections (Campus, Academic, Admin)

  • Effective governance of the college
  • Maintain effective and active academic board

Provide and improve conditions of buildings

  • Install safety equipment in all campuses
  • Acquire and maintain movable and fixed assets
  • Provide accessible facilities
  • Replacement of all asbestos buildings

Ensure a profitable and reliable financial system

  • Maintain an effective internal control system
  • Manage the procurement and tender administration

Maintain ISO 9001 certification of the College

  • Establish SHEQ strategies
  • Establish ISO 18000

To cascade the strategic direction to all staff members

  • Regular monitoring of strategic progress
  • To develop leaders within the College